Learn at first, with your heart, how to free yourself from sorrows…

From My Life in Christ, by St. John of Kronstadt:

In educating, it is extremely dangerous to only develop the understanding and intellect, and not pay attention to the heart. We must, above all pay attention to the heart, for the heart is life, but life corrupted by sin. It is necessary to purify this source of life, to kindle in it the pure flame of life, so that it should burn and not be extinguished; and should direct all the thoughts, desires, and tendencies of the man through all his life.

The Unexpected Joy of the Mother of GodWant of spiritual education, of the development, of the softening, and amendment of the heart is a thousand times more culpable than want of mental education; for a mentally uneducated man is in darkness and is deserving of indulgence and pity, while an educated man, given up to the passions and vices, to malice, pride, scorn, envy, gluttony, surfeiting, drunkenness, covetousness, fornication, and other passions, with all his knowledge, and also with the knowledge of the will of God, is a man whose heart is hardened, and who is dead to God; for he does not apply the principles he has learned to practice; he does not fulfill the will of God, but transgresses it with even greater fearlessness and insolence than the uneducated.

You wish to comprehend the incomprehensible; but can you understand how the inward sorrows with which your heart is overwhelmed overtake you, and can you find, except in the Lord, the means to drive them away? Learn at first, with your heart, how to free yourself from sorrows, how to ensure peace in your heart, and then, if necessary, philosophize on the incomprehensible, for “if ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest?” “

Perhaps this time is right. Please pray for me.

I pray for blessings on those who find these “messages-in-bottles” and that “all good and profitable things” will come to your and yours from our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.