St. Honoratus of Arles, celebrated 16 January in the Catholic and Orthodox churches

Saint Honoratus was born in Gaul (modern France) about 350, and came from a distinguished Roman family. After a pilgrimage to Greece and Rome, he became a hermit on the isle of Lerins, where he was joined by Sts Lupus of Troyes, Eucherius of Lyons, and Hilary of Arles, among others.

Adorned with virtues, St Honoratus treated a variety of spiritual diseases, freeing many from their enslavement to vice. His insight into each person’s character enabled him to apply the appropriate remedies for restoring souls to spiritual health.

St Honoratus died in 429 shortly after being consecrated as Bishop of Arles. St Hilary, his relative and successor, delivered a eulogy which still survives. Laurent Terrade, writing on the the eulogy (the Sermo) for the Ecole Intiative, says:

Caritas [loving charity],the culmination of the Christian virtues (1 Co. 13:2-3) is exercised by Honoratus in the two forms of the love of God and love of one’s neighbour; the latter is attested by his constant care for the needy and his warm hospitality both in Lérins and in Arles…[Regarding a ] saint’s almost magical ability to perform miracles… there are almost no miracles in the Sermo but the success of Honoratus in driving out the snakes from Lérins (VH 15, 4), a quite modest miracle indeed. Hilarius himself insists on this point (VH 37, 1-2): Honoratus’ merits were indeed so outstanding that they did not need to be illustrated by any miracles. Moreover, he had requested and been granted by Christ not to perform miracles. Through his humility, Honoratus himself attributes all his merits to God, that is ultimately to Grace (VH 37, 5).

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God grant that we should all seek such humility before God and our fellow man.


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